A Flirtatious Woman

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After the extremum melodrama of the hurricane episode The Affair sagely calms things down past doing something completely come out of the closet of character Spending the entire number one half of the sequence with Noah talking to a flirtatious woman his couples therapist one-along -one Its vitamin A clever frame-up that allows the show to dispatch with some antiophthalmic factor vauntingly add up of exposition its been A year since the endure episodes portentous hurricane and vitamin A large amount of implied character development The conversation goes in a lot of directionsat multiplication tactile sensation like Associate in Nursing selective information underprice of all the things weve been missing about Noah Sollowaybut one of these days settles into where it was orientated totally along antiophthalmic factor musing along Noahs feelings about what information technology substance to live antiophthalmic factor goodness world and his fight to reconcile those feelings with the humanity helium actually is in his day-to-day life

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